Friday, March 10, 2017

Ag Day is Every Day — For Everyone

By Doris Mold, President of American Agri-Women
     March 21 is National Ag Day, and so is the day after and the day after that and — you get the idea. Our nation’s farmers and ranchers produce a safe, affordable and reliable food, fiber and energy supply year-round.
     That is something to celebrate. That’s why our organization, American Agri-Women, has launched the “Ag Day365 — Ag Day is Every Day” education and advocacy campaign. #AgDay365 is inspired by and builds on the important connections made on National Ag Day.
     Our members, who are farm, ranch and agri-business women from coast-to-coast, are promoting #AgDay365 in meaningful ways through social media, special events and, especially, through conversations with our friends, family members, co-workers and others.    

     We’re looking forward to being part of the celebrations in Washington, D.C., and to hosting a luncheon for the 100 student leaders visiting our nation’s capital for advocacy and Ag Day events. We are going to offer them some special challenges on the theme of AgDay 365. Every voice of every age is important as we educate about agriculture.

     We invite, organizations, producers and consumers to join us this year, with their own personal approach to #AgDay365. Let’s keep the celebrations and conversations going. Learn more at