Thursday, March 20, 2014

Shining Faces. Shining Futures.

Submitted by Jessie Headrick, CHS Inc. and the CHS Foundation

What happens when you gather 175 promising young farmers and ranchers from across the country for an in-depth exploration of issues facing agriculture and rural America?

You feel a rush of energy from the passion that ignites their conversations. You’re amazed by the intensity of their curiosity as they learn new ways to manage their operations. And you’re moved by the pride you hear in their voices as they talk about carrying on the legacy of their family farm.

Every fall, a new crop of progressive, business-minded producers gathers at the CHS New Leaders Forum, held in conjunction with the CHS Annual Meeting. Most arrive reserved and a bit tentative, but in a few short hours, they’re talking shop with each other like they’ve been friends for years.

These new leaders discuss their common challenges, of course, but mostly they zero in on upside opportunities that will keep their operations sustainable for future generations. They eagerly reach out to shake the hands of trusted partners that will help them stay relevant in the marketplace. They open up and ask more questions as they learn how a strong cooperative system gives them the closer connections they crave. And they smile as they celebrate the success of a global Fortune 100 company that they actually own and have a voice in — knowing it exists for the singular purpose of helping them grow.

CHS is proud to be a long-time supporter of National Ag Day and a leading force in developing rural leaders and building vibrant communities.